About Us

Welcome to Zam Zam Trekking in Himalaya

New vision and transparency is the main motto of Zam Zam Trekking Company. We are seriously committed to promote and develop tourism in a way for you to explore and experience the world of the Nepalese Himalayas and in the same time to contribute to poor people, in especially remote areas, to support female and children in better health and education. Even by one trip to Nepal, you will already contribute to the support of the great need in Nepal.

Zam Zam is also a company who cares for all the porters and Sherpas in Nepal. These are people who are doing very hard and physical work and the only income that they receive, is from doing Treks or Mountain Expeditions. They do not have any pension funds and Zam Zam are in the process to register a Pension Fund for the unstrung heroes of Nepal.  Zam Zam Trekking Pvt. Ltd is a specialized Trekking Company in Nepal. We are a member of Nepal Tourism Board and a Government Authority Company.  We offer Treks, Day hikes, Sightseeing and additional activities such as Yoga Tours, Nepal Photography and film tours, Jungle Safari, White Water Rafting and Mountain Bike Trails as well as Tour Packages.

Our team have more than 10 years’ experience in the tourist industry.  We strive to deliver professional and quality services at reasonable prices. We have well educated staff who have a broad knowledge of geography, religion, biodiversity and history of Nepal. We believe that we will make a big difference in your experience during your Nepal trip.