Why Trekking with ZamZam Trekking?

Why trekking with me and Zam Zam Trekking?

After almost 10 years guiding in the Himalaya together with my study: almost two and half years ago I have completed my master degree in economics ( I am second topper in my university) after that I started my own Trekking company while I have huge mission and dream about tourism industry in Nepal. In Nepal we have more than 1500 tours and trekking company and almost all the entrepreneur are uneducated so that we have very poor tourism culture even though we have huge possibilities…at the moment tourism sector occupy only 2.6% to our National income. This is completely nothing, if we develop and marketing properly its goes up to 30% easily. 

Last five years there is 1500 Nepalese young people left home each and every single day for work mostly in GOLF countries ( UAE, Saudi Arab, Qatar and so on) as a labor. Nepal is knows as developing country but now a days in the village only aging people and children all our fertile land not used. This is so painful in my heart so that after completed my study I am in the tourism sector. I want something change in the overall tourism industry in Nepal…..I know its takes time and slow but one day it will be success. I want to link between tourism industries to job creation, I want to link between tourism via eradication of poverty, I really want to start Eco tourism.  If I want some other job myself like banking, lecture, tax officer, economic project that is so easy for me and in the short term it will be easy for my life but I really wants to something contribution in my country so that I decided my whole life in the tourism industry.

To be honest at the moment I am very struggle to grow up company even I am struggle to my food, I haven’t enough work because in the market there are thousand stable and big company and they invest huge money as a advertise me and my company still I didn’t start big advertise which is so costly for me. Nobody knows who I am. Very simple if someone google about trekking in Nepal there is always big company webpage in the few screen and my company is maybe after few page so that I have not any new inquiry. I have several international friend, I am guided to them before now they knows Dinesh started his own company and they try to recommend there friend but this is not enough work for me to run the company.

It is my humble request please gives me a chance to serve you. Each and every single guest is god of my life.


Unique to Zam Zam Trekking company and why travelers like about it

Most trekking companies in the Nepal area offer the same array of treks and tours.  The unique quality of Zam Zam Trekking is flexibility in the sense that customer choice and interest are at the heart of our tours. Customer satisfaction is the motto of our company.   Our guides offer encouragement specific to each traveler’s needs.  They share their extensive cultural and environmental knowledge with travelers.  Here are reviews from some of our travelers:

Nepal is a country rich in culture, history and stunning natural beauty. Combine that with the     experience, knowledge and professionalism of Zam Zam trekking, and you have a once in a lifetime journey that you will never forget!

We visited Nepal with the intention of trekking to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC). But with so       many different options, we didn't know where to start. Luckily we met a couple in India who     recommended Dinesh and his company,...I am so thankful because it turned out to be the highlight of our 3 months in that region!

We learnt so much about the wonderful Nepalese people and culture. Dinesh is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of mountain life, and a very professional guide.

We could not have had a better experience . . . Even when I struggled a little with the trek, Dinesh was so patient and encouraging, telling me how well I was doing. Thanks so much buddy,  I couldn't have made it without you!

Our traveler arrival process in detail and how we ensure people have a great experience throughout the trip

Zam Zam Trekking staff communicates via the internet or by phone with each of our travelers at the time they sign up for a tour or trek.  We discuss their arrival time and accommodations in Kathmandu.  We meet our guests at the Kathmandu Airport on arrival and transport them by private car to their respective hotels.    At a convenient time, we invite them to our office to meet the crew and discuss the trip.  If they prefer, we can meet them at their hotel.  Throughout the trek, our guides share their knowledge of the rich natural environment and cultural attractions with each guest.  On guided tours, the guide accompanies guests all along the way. 

Background of Zam Zam Trekking  company and how it started

I am Dinesh Dhakla from Nepal. For the last ten years, I have worked as a mountain/cultural guide in Nepal.  At the same time over the last year, I completed a Masters Degree in Economics.  With all this experience and knowledge, I started Zam Zam Trekking Company. In Nepal, we have more than 1500 trekking companies, most of which are looking for profit and commission. Sustainable tourism and guest satisfaction are less of a priority.  I wanted to bring my personal philosophy of client centered tourism, so I started this company.  Nepal is one of the richest countries for natural and cultural diversity. If we plan long term to offer great customer service, we can make revolutionary changes in the tourism industry in Nepal.  Every day more than 1500 people leave home to find work abroad especially from countries in the GULF region.   We would like to start a trend of employing some of these immigrants in the tourism industry as guides and porters but also in teahouses and in the local production of food.

The people who make  your  trips special

Each of our prospective staff provides personal information that helps us to make the decision whether they will travel with us.  Our guides and other trekking outdoor staff are expected to be very honest, highly professional, friendly and fully trained. We are the one and only trekking company that offers a pension system for our porters and guides. 

How do we recruit and train our guides and staff

With more than ten years as an experienced guide, I know what to look for in potential recruits. I personally recruit all guides. I have many friends currently employed as guides who would qualify for employment with Zam Zam Trekking. Guides are required to be certified. 

We recruit other staff such as porters from the local market; we give high priority to local people. Currently, porters are not required to be certified.  It is our plan to offer certification through Zam Zam Trekking.

All our guides are fully trained especially in first aid and high mountain altitude sickness so that travelers can always feel secure and safe when they are with us.  Twice a year, we organize a self-training course for our guides and staff.  The Government of Nepal and Department of Tourism and other related companies in the tourism industry in Nepal organize training sessions.   We encourage active participation for all our staff including guides by offering incentives.

The training offered by Zam Zam Trekking includes: Interacting with guests; awareness and treatment of high altitude sickness; trekking safety; first aid; history and culture of Nepal, etc.

Zam Zam Trekking  company incorporate socially responsible and environmentally sustainable tourism practices into your tours

The tourism industry is at the forefront of safeguarding the natural and cultural beauty of Nepal for future generations.  Local people and the culture of Nepal benefit as we use local establishments for accommodations and tourism activities and encourage traveler to consume foods grown by locals.  We are being socially responsible when we take care of our guides and porters by providing training, certification and pensions.  Zam Zam Trekking aims to maximize the experience for travelers and the growth of tourism in Nepal instead of maximizing profits.

Besides the obvious recycling of wastes, such as water bottles, we practice Leave No Trace.  We encourage our guests to be courteous to other trekkers and locals who live in the regions.  Through continuous education our guides and staff are reminded of these concepts.

  • ZamZam Trekking has the best price & Value for money.
  •  Transparency and accountability is the soul of the company
  •  We are flexible – trekkers can “build their own” trekking itinerary.
  •  We are one and only Trekking/ tour company in Nepal that provide  Porter/Sherpa pension system.
  •  We invest the money that we receive from our clients into education (children) as well as    in the     Porter/Sherpa pension system.
  •  Every Departure Date is Guaranteed
  •  We care about Nepal
  •  Trips designed for your family
  • Flexible departure date. Plan your own travel/trekking date at your convenient time & schedule.

  • No need to join a group. Enjoy freedom to choose the departure date on your own.

  • We charge you for the best service, as we provide no extra hidden charges.

  •  Have a group? We can help


We believe in providing you the best value for your money. You will find our prices compare favourably even to what you would find once you arrive in India or Nepal. Price is nothing without service and that's something we guarantee from the moment you arrive.


If you have a big group or are looking for a customized trek or opportunity to tackle a trekking peak just ask. If you're an individual trekker we can arrange for independent travel or pair you with one of our trekking groups.


Direct contact numbers to our office in Kathmandu or send us an email and we will get back to you immediately. We are small team that prides itself on bringing you the best vacation in the Himalayas!

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