Teej women festival


Teej is one of the  big festival for  Hindu women celebrating and praying for the husband long life on August according to the Nepali calendar (Bhadra). It is celebrated for 3 days  following the traditional culture, history as well as preservence  of the festival.


How does Teej festival formed?

According to Hindu mythology, Shree Swosthani Bratakatha, Parvati ran away from her home with her friends to jungle as she was afraid that her father Himalaya promised to Vishnu to give his daughter Parvati in marriage. She then went to jungle and started praying Shiva to fulfill her wish to marry him. He said "tathastu" meaning he will fulfill her wish. That was the day of teej when Parvati got her husband as her undying wish. So this day is celebrated to get the husband of their dream by unmarried women and for long, healthy and prosperous life of husband by married women.


Day 1st Dar Khana Din

First day  is called Dar khana Din  Usuallyall the women prepare and bye the food early in the morning and gather their co-friend, family and make delicious foods and sweets for the mid night. In the daytime they sang and dance in our traditional folk song by wearing colorful dresses sari. Celebration remain till mid-night.


Day 2nd fasting

The second day is the day of fasting. Most of the women don't eat or drink food and water.Married women strictly follow the tradition to avoid food and drinks with a belief that their devotion to the gods will be blessed with longevity, peace and prosperity of their husband and family. Unmarried women observe the fast with a hope of being blessed with a good husband.

People wear traditional fancy dresses sari, golden ornament, bangle that were gifted by their husband it’s called (shrowa singar). They visit nearby temple to worship(puja) god shiva and parbati also sing and dance in the temple for whole day. Another important part of this puja is oil lamp light throughout the whole night for the peace, harmony and prosperity of husband family.


Day 3rd Ritual bath

Third day is Rishi Panchami people collect different kind of flowers to worship god. During this day all the community women gather and visit nearby river or lake to take ritual bath with using red mud and Datiun roots which is also known as herbal plant. People brush teeth with datiun herbal. It is in practice known as to clean the women body and soul after mensuration.

In the day time people worship by using five priest in their house or in temple As well as they sing and dance on the last day of teej festival.

In this festival women gather after a long time and share their sorrow and happiness with each other.