Community Tourism

Community Tourism 

"Would you like to experience the simple life of a typical Nepali family?"

If you are a passionate traveller, eager to taste a touch of authentic Nepali culture, curious to explore wild, breath-taking landscapes, and keen to give interact with local people, our family is welcoming you in our home in Taruka, Nuwakot district.


We are an energetic family of 4 members in the house which is located in the Taruka Nuwakot district, which lies on the north west and 65 km from Kathmandu district. We stay in a quiet and fresh environment with mesmerizing view. I am Dinesh Dhakal and my wife is Jyoti Dangal. My mother’s name is Kaushila Devi Dhakal and my father’s name is Motiram Dhakal. My wife and I are staying in Kathmandu due to our work. Normally my father and mother stay in this beautiful house in the countryside. My wife and I will assist you during your stay. My parents are energetic, active and motivating people. We have a lovely traditional house, a cow farm and a huge garden. And I also often visit and help them.

Taruka is a village development committee in Nuwakot district. Taruka is a remote village due to the less development but Taruka is famous for vegetable production and annual bull fighting. There is one local bus to Kathmandu every day, but there is other transportation in each hour and after 30 minutes’ walk, you can have easy asses bus to come to Kathmandu. From Kathmandu you can catch buses for Pokhara, Chitwan, in and outside the valley.

 We have more fertile land so we produce different kind of organic vegetables. If you are passionate to work in the farm you are more than welcome, but also if you have no experience in the farming, you can try. I will be there to teach you. The important thing is being serious and hardworking and ready to learn new things.

By living with us you can support community children by teaching them your skills and we assure you that you will learn a lot from them as well.

I wish you to be helpful and honest.


“We want to promote responsible tourism and local development by hosting international travellers interested in living in Nepal as locals live. During your stay you can interact with the local community, visit some schools and give support. We offer community-based social activities in the agricultural field, women empowerment and education.

We want to make connections between international travellers and local people and promote social change! But REMEMBER: we are a Home stay that charges money only for food, accommodation and assistance and give you the chance to get involved in social community-based activities in a rural context.

Community-based social activities

Teaching children

We have 2 good governmental schools called Shree Gorakhnath lower secondary school and Shree Krishna Higher Secondary school. We would love to provide you the opportunity to interact with Nepali children to uplift their knowledge, help them to discover a new world and lots of fun with them. They respect all the people and give you a big smile that may touch your heart.

Women empowerment

You will have an opportunity to explore about the Nepali life stander culture and tradition specially by involving with women. In the remote area people are little back warded so we are trying to empower women through different way like education, self-depend, support and help them.


We are trying to improve and work farmland that has been unused for few years. Therefore, we are always busy clearing, cutting, cleaning, planting, weeding, and harvesting. The work is very flexible, depending on what you prefer, and it is different every day.

Nepali cooking class

Nepali meal cooking class like rice, curry, Momo ……on Nepali way. There is no better way to learn Nepali cooking once you are in Nepal and stay at Nepali home with family and cooking will taught by family member.

Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

Experience is the big achievement in the life so, Experience living with a local family, involving in the community and see what it is real life of rural people have. we will teach you all the family skills we have, and you will be a real member of our family. You will be learning everything about our daily life. You will be able to learn about our customs, language, and stories directly from locals, and get a chance to see nearby sites. We have a leading adventure trekking company in Kathmandu though we can organize some mesmerizing adventure like trekking, rafting sightseeing in and outside the Kathmandu valley.


Be part of our family

You can participate in the daily life of house work as well as participate in the community development work to empower the locals. My home is your home and Never mind if you stay for few weeks the most important is that you feel home and become part of it.

Teaching some English, cooking and preparing the family daily meals. You can support for some simple daily works, Gardening and animal husbandry is the main work. We will let you to be part of our family, which means learning our way of living.

People who have interest for community Development we would like to provide them some volunteer activities like teaching in the school or educating local women for their personal growth. As we can empower women to be independent.

Facilities we offers

Languages spoken

English, Nepali and Hindi


In family home. We have two bed rooms, one kitchen and toilet bathroom. Sharing is caring with love and support.

we would really appreciate if our travellers can share whatever we provide.

A little more information

Internet access

We have pets

We have garden.

How many travelers can stay?

More than two

Hours expected

max 25 hours a week, 5 days max a week


10$ per day

Due to this charity may help to the family and also help to run the community development activities. We wish you would be grateful for anything we provide and it is our ordinary life and you will be part of our family so we expect you would be happy living with us as we live typically